Enhance the security of your G Suite


Control who, when and where can access your company’s data

Create G Suite Access Restriction Policies based on IP, device, shift time, browsers, etc. Select exactly the sets of users to whom you wish to apply these policies.

Stricter Password Policies

Set Strict password policies. Set different policies for different sets of users depending on the confidentiality of the data they deal with.
Set Forgot Password questions and policies and free up the help desk technicians for more important issue.

Promote your Brand

Take email signatures beyond simple text. Use your brand’s colours and logos. Apply uniform templates across your organization.
Create awareness about your brand by placing advertisements and accolades at the bottom.

Layered Defense against unauthorized access

Use OTPs, google authentication on top of passwords to create a strong defence. Be confident of the security of data flowing through different devices and networks.

Feature set

Password control
Multi-factor authentication
Email signatures
Single sign on
Consumer Gmail Block