Realigning HR Teams to work
in the new normal
The recent events have caught the business ecosystem completely off guard. There is a shift in how we work, how we hire, onboard and manage employees and how we ensure their safety through technology.
In these unprecedented times, happierWork is here to help HR teams to ensure employee safety, streamline digital hiring, simplify remote onboarding and create automated workflows to manage repetitive tasks.
Effective Ways To Redefine HR Practices in the New Normal

Ensure Employee Safety with Geotagging

  • Track employee attendance via geo-location enabled mobile app
  • Track employees’ current locations to support them with any assistance, if required
  • Notify employees of the any surrounding critical developments
  • Send user locations to regulatory bodies for compliance purposes

Be Digitally Ready for Remote Hiring and Onboarding

  • Paperless onboarding process with automated reminders
  • Manage job postings, screen candidates, schedule interviews, and expedite the hiring process remotely with application tracking system
  • Change the hiring workflow to align to the remote working model
  • Facilitate seamless remote interview process through an interview kit 
  • Integrate E-signature with Hello Sign

Customize Your HR Workflows to Adapt to Changing Situations

  • Create custom workflows to allow seamless remote hiring, onboarding and offboarding
  • Automated workflows that allows conditional approval while working remotely, based on the performance and targets
  • Automate generation of company letters for designation change, location transfer
  • Remind your teams to take breaks 
  • Update the employee master information after the workflow completion
  • Allow employees to sign any documents from any location at any time
  • Ease in issuance, submission and verification of documents virtually

Secure Your Data While Working Remotely

  • SAML based single sign-on can be enabled to secure your other applications access
  • Allow employees to access corporate emails only on specific devices or IP range
  • Approval workflows to access from any other device or places
  • Create strong password policies and auto expire after x days
  • Other control policies such as browser restriction, time restriction can be enabled to secure the data based on your business needs
Adapt To New Ways Of Working With happierWork
A Comprehensive Solution
A one-stop solution for all your human resources software needs right from hire to retire. It’s simple and easy to use. It connects professionals working from home, track their progress and performance in real time and allows them to share information in real time.
Mobile Friendly
Easy and quick access of frequently used options at your fingertips. Get workplace related updates on your smartphone 24*7 without losing out on important information.
Highly Customizable
A fully customizable HRMS platform to meet your business requirements. Integrate it with brand guidelines and design it as per your company setup and make it your own.
Dedicated Support Team
A 365 days fully functional team to support your requirements. The team is there for your company at all hours to answer all the queries, concerns and issues over call or email.
Excellent Data Privacy and Security
A multi-tenant architecture deployed on Google Cloud Platform. Security is utmost important to us. We are VAPT, HIPPA and ISO 27001:2013 certified.