Automate your core business processes.
Really quick and easy to manage.


Drag. Drop. Done

Our simple drag and drop process
builder allows hassle-free designing of
your custom workflows.
Leave all technical complexities for us,
you enjoy user-friendly, actionable workflows.

Real time tracking,
efficient processes,
happier people

Stop using spreadsheets or emails to track your processes.
Set happier Flow and know where you stand.
Instantly check the status of any item to see
where bottlenecks are forming and
get an estimated completion time.

Diagram your workflow

Set deadlines, create conditions,
and model your process just as they
appear in your mind.
Create triggers to skip unneeded steps
and create complex workflows
with parallel branches.

Feature set

Approvals have gone Google!
Multilevel / Conditional decision making
Set Deadlines
Derived field values
Easy approvals
Reporting and Insights
Real time tracking