Integrates with Access control system
& allows remote check-ins.


Easy to setup, use and manage
Manage leaves shifts easily with
comprehensive configuration
and automated workflows.
Attendance Analytics
Track of employee hours across all shift timings.
Allows organisation heads to detect trends,
refine policies, set non-compliances,
trigger notifications and generate reports.
People profiles
Manage all people documents such as offers,
employee agreements, etc.
from within Drive for work.
Preserve all your ‘hire to retire’
employee data centrally and securely on Google Cloud.
Feature set
Time and attendance bot
Non – Compliance notifications
Team Calendar integrated into GCalendar
Document Management within GDrive
Web clock-in & clock-out
HR approvals workflows
Paperless Onboarding & Offboarding
Remote Check-in
Smart Insights and approvals
Leave Balance Calculator
happierHR starts at $50 per user