Paperless Onboarding – Smart way to onboard employees

Paperless Onboarding – Smart way to onboard employees

Paperless Onboarding – Smart way to onboard employees

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business”  – Richard Branson

Very true and all the successful organizations are focused more on taking care of their employees (Well, I am sure you’d agree its easy to retain one employee than recruiting a new one). For an employee, onboarding journey begins once he decides to join the company. The moment a person decides to join a company everyone is excited. There are lots of unanswered questions for the employee about the company, about the work and the people he is going to work with. Many organizations try to set a process or an Onboarding system which they feel will work for them (but the fact is they just live with it) and invest a lot of their time and energy in doing a monotonous paper work. This in-turn increases the cost of hiring day by day which every organization would like to reduce and increase their efficiency to focus on productive activities. It is very important for an organization to involve and engage with an employee before joining to make sure that the person joins and is not looking for other opportunities.

Fortunately and unfortunately enough, onboarding process is not just about the work of the employee, there are a lot of other administrative tasks like document submission and background verification which makes it even more complex. How good will it be if the joining formalities are all paperless? How good will it be if we connect the new employee with a buddy even before they join to make them feel comfortable?  How good will it be if we get them to work on Day 1? And you can achieve all of this through paperless onboarding system on happierWork. Just configure your process in the most intuitive way and you are all set with the cutting edge technology of paperless onboarding process.

Yes, it’s time to get away from legacy systems and adapt to the smart solutions which can help your organization to increase your efficiency, go paperless on on-boarding and not compromise on the cost either.

In today’s time, it’s even more important to give the best first-time experience and it is up to the HRs to make it the best. happierWork HR product’s Paperless Onboarding feature is multi-step ahead of all the traditional HR software. It takes care of everything that you could have imagined of,  from pre Onboarding to post Onboarding of an employee with a personalized touch.

Benefits of Paperless Onboarding with Cloud-Based HR Software

Saves time, clutter

Now imagine the new joinee walking into a new office, the first day and the HR comes out and hands over pages and pages of documents to be read through and signed. I am sure after the 5th page they won’t be even bothered reading the headlines of the paper and sign it where required. Making this very same process paperless gives an opportunity to make it more interactive rather than the boring paper signatures.

Intuitive user experience

It’ll be pointless to not talk about user experience if you go paperless for on-boarding you can bring in life to the entire onboarding process by giving the perfect user experience to the employees. Good UI in itself does half the job or making the experience go easy on eyes and UX makes the entire experience go seamlessly.

Fast with happierWork Pre/Post On-boarding

It goes without saying that the process of pre/post on-boarding becomes faster as compared to the traditional way when it is on cloud and paperless. Every single thing goes online where new joinees can learn and understand at their own pace and finish the task sooner with minimal supervision or guidance from an HR/Reporting manager.

Saves Money

It’s not just the paper that you save but a lot more than that and not compromising on the documents that have to be stored with employee records. Not to forget the cost involved in printing and the rest of stationery required like paper clips, pens, ink etc. Certainly, these may seem itsy bitsy but when its 10,000’s sized organization these costs are bigger.

Safe & Secure

With the hard copies and the paperwork, the most important aspect that comes into the picture is that how and where to store the same. Papers get lost and misplaced very easily. All these factors can be very well taken care of when things go online and be rest assured. happierWork is secured and organizes all the employee documents in one place which could be easily retrieved.

If you are looking to streamline the HR process in your organization with all said above, click here to find out more about happierWork.

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