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Social Recruiting

A Wonder Tool That Simplifies Recruitment Process!
Hiring becomes more productive when a personal reference is attached. happierHire’s Social Recruiting software lets you track all the employee referrals and identify the social quotient of employees in your organization. With its proprietary algorithm, it enables social media sharing to source the best talent and align with the referral bonuses.
Social Recruiting
Top Talent Acquisition Platform

Auto Extract Information

Easy Sourcing with the top Talent Acquisition Platform!
Candidate sourcing is a crucial activity in talent acquisition. happierHire’s proprietary algorithm streamlines the process by extracting important information from résumés and CVs. With the help of bulk upload mechanism, recruiters save a lot of time to source multiple profiles.

Hire Bot

Bot For Happier Experience!
Hiring can be so much happier with happierBOT. It keeps a track of daily interviews, sends reminders to submit candidate feedback, fetches candidates’ résumés and CVs., understands your calendar, shoots reminder on rescheduled interviews, and a lot more. It makes your hiring experience a Happier Experience!
Hire Bot for Cloud Based Recruitment Software
Sourcing extension for Recruitment Software

Sourcing Extension

Replace Manual Sourcing With An Extension!
Forms will not give HRs a nightmare anymore! HRs using HappierHire need not fill the forms manually or go through candidate profiles on LinkedIn. HappierHire comes with an extension that lets you source candidates with just a click.

Applicant Tracking System

Organized Hiring Brings Productive Resources with Cloud ATS!
Hiring is a step-by-step process. HappierHire keeps this process systematic and organized. It lets you organize candidate database from all sources, provides tools to manage approvals & requisitions, effective resume parsing, quick feedback/reminder mechanism and a lot more for happy hiring.
Best Applicant Tracking System

Feature set

Job requisition
Centralized Application Management
Integrated video interviews
Social recruiting & Referral tracking
Custom career pages
Efficient hiring collaboration
Actionable insights
Voice & video screening
Automatic applicant tracking