How Vedant Motors Re-engineered People Processes Using happierWork

How Vedant Motors Re-engineered People Processes Using happierWork

How Vedant Motors Re-engineered People Processes Using happierWork

Executive Summary

Vedant Motors, one of the top 3 distributors of Tata Motors recently partnered with happierWork to modernize its HR processes for more efficient onboarding, offboarding and payroll processes.

Vivek Saraff started Vedant Motors and Vedant Earthmovers with the vision to create a sense of reliability for its customers, and a safe work environment for employees. Vedant Earthmovers was awarded the best infrastructure dealership from Tata Hitachi in the year 2018-19 and deals in large-scale earthmovers in Jharkhand. It also divulges in the distribution of truck parts, construction machines, wheel loaders, and mining equipment.

The workforce of the company was distributed on different construction sites making it difficult to onboard and offboard employees. With happierWork modules, happierHR and happierPay, the firm streamlined its HR processes through document management, payroll processing, and investment declaration.

“Implementing happierWork has been one of the best decisions we have taken. We now have an ease of access to all our companies on one single platform” – Vivek Kumar Saraff, Managing Partner of Vedant Earthmovers


Building an Employee-Centric Organization

Onboarding for one, was a task since the team had to collaborate with multiple stakeholders. The need for organizing training sessions with new employees, including an induction session and collecting post-session feedback, followed suit.

When it came to off-boarding employees, fulfilling exit formalities, easy account deactivation, knowledge transfer, and full and final settlement were crucial aspects. Ensuring a one-stop solution that would assist them to fasten and simplify these shortcomings and meet the growing needs of the organization was their central focus.

Since the firm had 80% of their staff on-field they also wanted to address concerns about maintaining attendance for those working outside the office, time and attendance reports, and quick payroll processing at the end of each month.

It’s existing HRMS was unable to address their core challenges, including transparency in payslips and managing multiple companies on a single sign-on, so they started looking out for someone with more advanced capabilities.

As a solution to these challenges, the team envisioned a centralized, simple, and effective HR system in their organization. An ideal system should help handle various complexities including ease of payment processing and managing the requirements of a growing workforce.

The Solution

Vedant Motors found happierWork a perfect fit for their organization, making it easy to manage their time and attendance needs effectively along with everyday HR operations. happierWork helped them to:

  • Manage attendance and leaves seamlessly: Whether it is recording the time in and time out on any given day or the amount of time an employee spends working in the office or on-site, happierWork made it simple to access everything on an easy-to-manage portal. Using the portal, an employee can apply for leave and the HR and immediate manager can view and approve/reject with a single click
  • Provide an easy to use platform to employees: Due to happierWork’s easy user interface, it became easy for the employees to check their leave balance, unpaid loans, and attendance. They could also go through company announcements, newsletters, reminders, and blogs using the portal
  • Keep a track of documents, payslips, and attendance in one place: With happierWork, employees could check all official documents, attendance, and payslips at a glance with minimal or no human assistance
  • Manage attendance in multi-cities: Vedant Earthmovers could manage attendance across its offices in Jharkhand and West Bengal
  • Simplify the hiring process: happierHire’s features of easy resume parsing, auto screening & paperless onboarding for new joiners, made the hiring process simple and efficient for the HR team

Business Outcome:

After making happierWork as part of their HR operational structure, the company experienced some drastic changes:

  • The timespan to process salaries has reduced from 5 days to an hour
  • Employees report to work on time and are able to see transparency in processes such as payroll, salaries, days worked, and leaves applied
  • The firm is able to access employee data quickly all on one platform, including real-time updates


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