Impact of Automation and HRMS systems and whether they would make HR profession redundant?

How traditional HR functioned

Traditional HR has revolved around Personnel Management. The role of an HR officer was to mark timekeeping & attendance, processing payroll, keeping tracks of leaves and other day to day mechanisms which are involved in keeping an organisation running.

how AI is transforming HR

Nowadays, companies are deploying all sorts of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and smart wearables to improve employee experience and transform the traditional HR processes. Many companies are using wearables to monitor wellness of employees, devising algorithms to determine disengaged employees before they reach the point of quitting the organisation and using analytics & mathematical models to drive the decision making in various HR initiatives. This shift from instinct-driven decision making to data-driven decision has resulted in far-reaching consequences for an average organisation. Companies which refuse to adapt will inevitably perish and only corporations who can attune themselves to new-age processes would thrive in this era of uncertainty and intense competition.


HR business in itself is transforming,
so those who can adapt to this change will be relevant and rest will die.

HRMS and ERP systems are the highest selling segment in the Enterprise Computing market. HRMS systems utilise high level Machine Learning algorithms and aim to create an environment which eliminates most of the transactional and repetitive drudge work involved in the day-to-day work life of an HR professional. Advanced systems exist which send reminders, save effort, present information without being asked for, provide insights & analytics to help improve processes and also provides suggestions and advice.

We at HappierWork have built a futuristic ‘people-care’ platform designed to improve, automate and improve your HR processes. However, our aim never has been to make the role of Human Resources Department superfluous. At HappierWork, we always try to practise what we preach by ensuring that employee engagement and satisfaction never goes down. Our Human Resources department plays a crucial role in ensuring that every employee is content and is able to give his best to our organisation. We strongly believe that the role our HR team plays can never be replicated by any software.

The advent of modern technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has resulted in a large-scale disruption of the labour force. Automation is revolutionising work which means companies can replace manual labour with AI and robots. Manufacturing sector, blue collar workers and IT sector employees are increasingly feeling the pinch. Indeed, solving the massive unemployment would, without doubt, be an immense challenge for governments and HR professionals.

Even traditional HR processes like payroll, leaves management, attendance & time tracking would increasingly be automated which means that the traditional transactional HR would not require a specialised workforce or labour. However, the role of HR is not simply limited to transactional work mentioned above. Transformational Human Resource work involves aligning the goals and performance of every employee with the organisational strategy. Transformational HR creates direct and measurable value for an organisation which directly contributes to business objectives.

Even though AI has moved ahead by leaps and bounds, it cannot replace HR in its transformation roles. HappierHire is among the modules available as a part of HappierWork which eases the process of recruitment. However, no machine can eliminate the human touch which is a key ingredient of every recruiting team. Every successful recruitment requires intuition and experience which a software cannot mimic. However, rolling out offer letters, designing interview kits, contract negotiation and scheduling of interviews can definitely be handled by our software.

Similarly, organisational change management, reinforcing positive culture, designing a PMS system designed to align the goals of an employee with organisational objectives, etc are things which bots or AI systems cannot perform yet.

The conclusion is that HR is definitely here to stay. However, transactional HR will soon be a thing of past.

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