Building Productive Recruitment Process system For Your Organization

Is Recruitment Process System or Online Recruitment System really important? Does this question bother you too? You may say, ‘Well! I’ve been working the old style for ages and it’s working fine for me, or even better. My current recruitment system works well for me so why should I even change?’ We totally understand why you’d think so. So, here is the list of questions that will help you determine whether you should read the blog further or not.

  1. How effective is your system in getting a single position closed? (Candidate Attraction)
  2. How easily can a candidate apply for a job, if need be? (User Interface / User Experience)
  3. Can your own employees easily refer a candidate? (Social Recruitment Software)
  4. Does your current system/strategy double your HR paperwork for any recruitment?
  5. Does your HR get maximum invalid résumés?
  6. Does your HR need to manually respond to all the applications?
  7. Is it a nightmare to simply filter good résumés from the list for any position?
  8. At last, do you have a CRM that doesn’t talk to your email providers? (No Integration)

If your answers are mostly towards the negative side then this blog is a must-read for you. It explains the pain an HR may go through while recruiting a candidate and how a recruitment process system/recruitment management software can help.


Challenges In The Absence Of Recruitment Software

In the absence of a recruitment process/hiring software, you may notice an HR following the below steps.

First of all, the vacancy is floated to all the assigned job portals manually. Once it is circulated, the HR starts getting responses.The real headache starts from here and an HR feels the need of a recruitment software. Even for a single opening, the HR receives not less than 1000 odd applications. And as an HR, you know that in such scenario minimum of 80% of the applicants are irrelevant. But to sort the good 20% is a huge challenge that everyone talks about.

Due to the manual screening and lack of Cloud Based Recruiting Software, you will lose the record of the 80% applicants who can be a part of a great database, to be nurtured. You may wonder how a wrong applicant can help in future. Well, your requirements may change in future. Moreover, they can always refer other people for the vacant position.

This is the just the top crux of the issue that an HR can run into!


Presence of an Hiring System / Recruitment Process System

Now let’s look at the same scenario but with a best recruiting solution being present in the environment.

HR floats the requirement through this super cool staffing recruiting software, which actually integrates with all the leading job portals. This means, the HR posts one-time and it automatically gets posted to all the important leading job portals.

Now the actual fun starts! Once the HR starts receiving applications from the candidates, this recruitment software segregates all the unfit profiles based on the previous trends, which the software has been watching. (Oh yes! This is very much possible and is not something hypothetical.) Once the HR reviews all the applications, the software will send an auto-reply email to rejected applicants, thanking them to apply and informing about their rejection.. The rest of the candidates will receive another automated email with the interviewer’s schedule. Based on the given schedule, the candidates can themselves go ahead and check what best time they can suggest for the interview.

Once the candidate applications are screened, the rest of the profiles which came on-board can also be nurtured. What this means is that candidates who are selected can be sent constant emails about the upcoming open positions. By doing so, they can reapply for the different positions. That’s not all, yes there is more! They can even go ahead and refer the new job postings to their friends and colleagues. Yes! this software is a well combined Social Recruiting Software which also lets employees share jobs on their social walls.

There are a lot more features and applications which this new generation software has in its bucket. Some are listed below.

  • Hire Bot
  • Sourcing App Extension
  • Auto Screening
  • Centralized Application Management System
  • Voice & Video screening
  • Automatic Application Tracking
  • Paperless Onboarding

And the list goes on.

If you wish to know about a software like this, you have reached the right place! Here is the link where you can get more details about it.

You can also reach us directly at

It is quite essential that in today’s time, our organization picks up a recruitment process system that works in line with the company’s goals. After all, it boosts the confidence of the HR, who in-turn churns out the best candidates from the huge pipeline.

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